Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Whoa. Weird Moment. How Do I Sign Emails to Twelve?

That was weird: I just registered Twelve for a volleyball skills building academy (which is not at all as pretentious as it sounds) and, when the email duly arrived with the confirmation, I duly clicked 'forward' to send it to Twelve (along with the news that she's going to a volleyball skills building academy).

Instead of typing in the standard lonely 'fyi' before clicking send, I typed "You're registered for Volleyball Academy! :-)"

Then, because I am so, so much less busy this week than the couple of weeks prior and because yesterday I put a card with a few purple tea bags in the mail to my cousin who loves the color purple and is home with a new baby and because Twelve has been driving me nuts lately so I don't feel terribly connected with her right now and because I am feeling a bit guilty about that, I added (only a little bit self-consciously) "I'm proud of your improvement in volleyball lately, and I hope you keep it up!"

Without thinking about it, I typed my initials, the way I always sign off on casual emails.


Hey! I'm emailing my kid! That's not how you sign emails to your kid!

[backspace, backspace]


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